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Outsourcing of Commercial Networks through teams with wide experience in comando projects and POS activation

Benefit your brand from the high specialization of our hostesses and promoters: more than 150 people are part of our commercial point-of-sale teams.

Fast Moving has a cohesive professional group, with which it has been working for many years, securing efficient delivery in:

Equipos comerciales con experiencia en activación del pdv y acciones comando

High motivation

in the people who make up our teams.


Low staff turn-over benefits in all aspects our projects

Methodology of work settled and tested

reaching the highest standards of effectiveness.

High efficiency

in the development of projected trade actions.

Channels Knowledgement

We always have teams that have already worked on the channel in which executing the plan.

Full project management

You just have to set the objectives, and we asure nothing is missing to be able to carry out the action:

We design POS material

Point-of-sale creativity can be more effective if it’s tailored to the environment: we’re experts. 

We produce POS material

Don’t let lack of promotional materials balm your action.

We comprehensively manage material logistics

Stock control, orders of new materials, shipments and pickups, installation at POS…

Experts in fridge management

Design, vinyling and installation at POS

Out Of Store (OOS) activations

Releasing new brand launchings, or even a new brand, should be supported, in our view, on actions carried out also outside POS. Attacking the consumer at their potential occasion of consumption (a protein drink on the way out of a gym, for example) is key in a universe every day more segmented in terms of consumer preferences (due to the global nature of consumption), information channels and trend dynamics.

Acciones fuera del punto de venta

Our teams are highly trained and have long experience in brand activations also outside the point of sale.