TBC Sales Teams

POS Management outsourcing

We operate with a triple implementation model, adaptable to customer’s needs:

Our sales forces trade on the POS focused, as standard, on the following KPIs:

Control and improvement of brand marketing mix

If your brand is not on the shelf, it does not sell. If your brand is on the shelf but not visible, it sells not too much. If your brand does not have the price mark, or the right price, the strategic plan for it is undermined. If the promotion agreed in the customer’s purchasing hub is not fulfilled, their incremental sales plans disappear. Our teams focus on all these variables running as efficiently as possible and your brand being perfectly represented on the lines.

Second placements

The fight for second placements is one of the biggest challenges facing the brand. Our extensive experience in this field has made TBC Global a benchmark in negotiating exhibitor displays, chimneys, refrigerators and all kinds of second places.

Likewise, and supported by the TechBC department, and technologies we work with, we are able to measure what such second placements sell, (as well as replacement linear locations). We not only execute, we also allow you to analyze what you sell, what you “don’t sell,” where in the store you’re most efficient to place the second placement material, or what your exhibitor’s split should be to achieve maximum efficiency.


We are fighting one of the great challenges of peer-to-peer management: compliance with the planogram. We negotiate, implement correctly and even when the project demands it, we have our own planogram design software. Agreement’s fulfillement is one of our priority commitments.

Sales Teams Route Control

We have databases and software in order to calculate and analyze best routes, for whatever channel it is, in looking for maximizing the efficiency in travel times and execution of our commercial teams.

Teams of hostesses and promoters

Our POS trade activatiors, more than 150 promoters work consistently with us, promoting our brands effective and dynamically. Our promoters are experts in multiple categories, and we always have those who have already worked in brand’s category.

Commando teams

Guerrilla activations have become a constant in the consumer sector, in all the channels in which we operate (large areas, horeca, momentum and traditional market).

Main objectives are usually listing or pier to pier sales, as well as massive placement of displays, refrigerators or POS material in general. Tracking actions in the POS (tastings) is also often part of brand objectives.

Design and production of POS material

Our design department develops POS material according to brand guidelines, as well as we produce all of them and carry out the activation of which the brand should not to take care at all. We offer global management that facilitates communication and efficiency for the brand, which can potentially reduce its suppliers’ pool.

Holistic logistic support

In this process 360, we take care of the logistics pier to pier. We receive the goods in our central warehouse and we manage the material: we ship, collect, report stock and production needs.

We execute all kind of activations both on and off trade

-Route planner.
-Customer POS management software.
-Web platforms to control your business.
-Photo recognition software.
-Control of equipment via GPS (location, visit times, travel, etc)..
-Measurement of sale and / or invasion of brands in displays / refrigerators.

Let us talk to you more about our technology tools:

tech bc tecnología seguimiento punto de venta

Our auditors, highly experienced in all channels (large stores, horeca and impulse), informs you abut the status of your brand in specific moments, the management of your own teams, the implementation of concrete actions, or whatever you need to observe “from outside.”

Activating the brand outside POS is also imperative. The current level of competition within the store forces brands to look for sales elsewhere outside of it. Our promotion teams that activate the POS are also responsible for activating the brand outside of it.

We use same promoters for the brand on and off trade, achieving a high team loyalty to the brand they represent, a high knowledge of the USP, and remarkable ability to answer the most complicated questions of the more curious consumers. Massive samplings, foodtrucks, tastings in shopping malls, brand road trips or tastings in canteens are some of the actions we carry out giving remarkable solvency and experience.

We have a database of more than 5.000 commercial and promotional profiles.

All candidates must pass psychotechnical and personality tests, as well as demonstrate the skills and attitude necessary for the position. They are also trained in Occupational Risks, and have an obligation to deliver the food handler card.

We have legal access to all distributors in the country and the accreditation tools that are necessary to be able to access to all super and hypers nationwide.

At TBC Sales Teams we believe that continuous training is not a goal, it is a fact that we carry with the greatest efficiency and constancy possible. We have a continuous training plan for all our employees, favoring the motivation and promotion of any profile within the chain. The training generates loyalty, both with TBC and with the brand(s) they represent. This stability is key in achieving the brand goals.